• The Wolves Esports tournament is played on either the PlayStation 4 (eight tournaments) or XBOX One (four tournaments)
  • The Wolves Esports tournament is a 1-v-1 tournament
  • The Wolves Esports tournament is for UK-based players only
  • Every participant plays with official Wolves squad via online friendlies
  • Every match is played 4 minutes per half
  • In the group stage everyone plays their opponent once
  • Point division in the group stage: 3 (win), 1 (draw), 0 (loss)
  • In case two or more participants have the same amount of points after all their group stage matches, their goal difference will decide the ranking. In case this is also the same, the mutual result is the deciding factor. If this is also the same, the highest amount of goals scored will decide. If all the above is equal, a coin toss will decide
  • During the knock-out phase every player plays their opponent once. In case of a draw in the knock-out phase, a new match is started in which the winner will be decided through the Golden Goal principle
  • Maximum amount of participants per online tournament: 256
  • The best two players per tournament will proceed to the Grand Final at the Molineux
  • In case of foreclosure a Grand Final spot is not transferrable to another player
  • Players who aren’t online at the indicated starting time, will be disqualified from the tournament
  • In case of fraud or cheating the tournament organizer (Wolves) is entitled to hand out any penalty they find reasonable considering the circumstances
  • A decision made by the tournament organizer (Wolves) is binding at all times and can only be changed or made undone by Wolves themselves
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